The digital journey by rail

New ways of working and tools bring more security and quality if they are accompanied strategically and the individual strategies are coordinated. We accompanied DB NETZ AG on its digital journey.

Content development and improved partial service catalogs for DB NETZ AG

The project for DB NETZ AG focused on content development based on existing partial service catalogs and SOM 2.0. The project period was from August 2021 to March 2022 (scope approx. 90 person days). Our goal was to create a model-based quantity calculation and the tendering of partial services suitable for implementation according to KoPI 2.0.

Stations of the journey

Next stop: Model data optimization
For the partial service catalogs (massive bridge, cable civil engineering and noise barriers) of DB NETZ AG, we supported the content construction, dynamic rollout groups according to SOM 2.0 as well as the generally valid quantity query commands for project-specific adaptation were defined and integrated.

Furthermore, suggestions for the optimization of the attribution according to SOM 2.0 for the creation of modeling guidelines for objects of DB NETZ AG were part of the applied solution strategy.

Exit in the direction of travel digital
There were also delays in the operating sequence or project progress: Importing and checking the complex partial models for their further usability in iTWO 5D were challenging. It was also tricky to create suitable content that contained quantity query commands that were as universally valid as possible. Thanks to the cooperation of the planners of DB Netz AG, the professionalism of the colleagues in the disciplines of bridge construction and civil engineering, superstructure and sewer construction as well as the teamwork, all challenges were successfully solved. The successful management of the various stakeholders was an important element of the entire project.