The institute

We are a strong team of problem solvers working together to connect people and technology.

Bringing innovation forward through effectiveness

With all the digitality and digital solutions for the construction and real estate industry that we offer, people always remain the focus for us. We value different perspectives and points of view. These help us to always achieve the best result for our customers. That's why we employ people who want to make an impact.

We love effectiveness and make difficult things easy. We achieve this through precise analyses, on the basis of which we can create roadmaps and provide targeted consulting, implement technologies and systems, optimize processes, and train and empower our customers. Our mission is to achieve even better results for everyone involved.

Connectivity and collaboration

We also achieve better results because we are not just "at home" in one place. We are spread across the fixed locations of Giessen, Stuttgart and Berlin, but also work from remote locations. For example, from Hamburg, Weimar, Trier, Wiesbaden or wherever we happen to be. We work flexible and are available for our customers digitally and on-site.

A respectful and appreciative exchange at eye level is very important to us. With our customers and of course within our team. We work in flat hierarchies in order to learn from each other more effectively and to shape the digital future. The foundation of our work is mutual trust. That's why each team member plans his or her own tasks. The goal is for all of us to become pioneers in our respective areas of digitalization. You too. Only together can we continue to expand our expert knowledge. You too can be a pioneer.