RIB 4.0 Basic Workflow

For planners, construction companies, builders

Experience the potential of practical 5D BIM

The RIB 4.0 Basic Workflow Training is the ideal introduction to the implementation of workflows in your company. The use of workflows enables the automation of processes as well as the exch- ange of data with internal and external systems. You will experience the development process of workflows in RIB 4.0. Various application examples will inspire you to possible use cases in your company.

Training content

The following questions will be addressed:

  • How do workflows succeed?

  • For which use cases are workflows suitable?

  • How do I develop workflows in RIB 4.0?

  • How to create automated messages / tasks?

  • What are the triggering options?

  • How can I monitor my executed workflows?

Our experienced workflow experts will show you how to implement workflows using various examples. With our help, you will develop your first workflow in the workshop.

Training procedure


  • Functionality of workflows
    Structure of RIB 4.0 workflow designer

  • Introduction to the existing workflow actions

  • Possibilities of user interaction


  • Create sample workflows in RIB 4.0

    • SQL requests

    • Create user input / tasks

    • Update project characteristics

    • Integration of HTML / Java Script

  • Trigger options

  • Analysis of executed workflows

Further details

  • Location: Online (Microsoft Teams)

  • Workshop-duration: 2 days (3h per day)

  • Language: German / English

  • Requirements: Email server set up

Our consultants

  • Qualified engineers or architects

  • Competent IT experts

  • Experienced BIM consultants

Booking and dates

The booking is made directly via our website.

The cost is 600 € plus VAT per participant:in.