RIB 4.0 Advanced Workflow

For planners, construction companies, builders

Deepen your knowledge in handling workflows

The RIB 4.0 Advanced Workshop will help you reach the next level in workflow development. You will learn how to connect your workflows with internal and external systems. Diverse application examples will inspire you to possible efficiency improvements in your company.

Training content

The following questions will be addressed:

  • How is the database structured?

  • How does RIB 4.0 public API work?

  • How can the RIB 4.0 public API be used in workflows?

  • How to avoid and handle workflow errors?

  • What are the types of user input validation?

  • How can external API‘s be integrated?

Our experienced workflow experts present the implementation of workflows using various examples. Prior participation in the Workflow Basic Training is recommended.

Training procedure


  • Data access options of RIB via SQL, RIB 4.0 public API

  • Integration of external APIs

  • Multilingual workflows

  • Error handling and validation of user input

  • Clean Up Scheduler

  • What‘s new


  • Introduction and practice of RIB 4.0 public API

  • Example workflow with RIB 4.0 public API

    • Using API to create/update items

    • Multilingual user interaction

    • Implementation of an error handling

    • Validation of User Input

  • Example workflow for external API

    • Import of daily weather data from external API


Completed Basic Workflow training or relevant experience in Workflow development.

Further details

  • Location: Online (Microsoft Teams)

  • Workshop-duration: 2 days (3h per day)

  • Language: German / English

Our consultants

  • Qualified engineers or architects

  • Competent IT experts

  • Experienced BIM consultants

Booking and dates

The booking is made directly via our website.

The cost is 600 € plus VAT per participant:in.