The introduction of iTWO and targeted training measures enable a more efficient way of working and optimized collaboration within Deutsche Bahn.

Innovative train-the-trainer program and specialist training together with DB Training.

The introduction of BIM is an indispensable part of Deutsche Bahn AG's digitization strategy. The necessary transformation began with a challenge: DB had to manage the changeover from the technical ERP system GRANID to iTWO. The task was clear: All employees were to be retrained on iTWO across all divisions and equipped with the necessary competencies for their respective roles in the DB Group. For the BIM introduction according to the phased plan, several thousand DB employees were trained in the PSSx process (iTWO DB rule process) between 2016 and 2019, and since 2018, several thousand employees have also been trained in the BIM way of working with iTWO DB 5D in over 100 training sessions.

Transformation in three phases

First milestone: Train-The-Trainer program
The beginning of this transformation was the Train-The-Trainer program, which was carried out from 2015-2016. Here, six of our consultants were trained as specialist trainers for iTWO DB. After completion of this program, the extensive transfer of knowledge to DB employees began in 2016, subdivided into the various subject areas.

Second milestone: Implementation of specialist training in PSSx
Between 2016 and 2019, specialist training was initially offered on the topics of "Cost Planning", "Procurement & Accounting", "Purchasing", "Accounting", "Financing & Accounting" and "Control". This enabled employees to improve their skills in the various topics and work more efficiently with the new system.

Third milestone: Training courses on model-based working methods
Based on this, we expanded our training program in cooperation with DB Training to include "iTWO 5D BIM basics" and "Model-based quantity takeoff and service description". These trainings are still regularly conducted by us at Deutsche Bahn today.